Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marina Living

So I have a question....what is it about living in the Marina District??? When I moved here, I didn't know the neighborhoods at all, nor did I have a great city tour guide to show me the city. My very cute baby brother drove me around some of the neighborhoods, meaning he drove through North Beach, Pac Heights, and the Marina.

I decided to live in the Marina, its close to the water and I can see the Golden Gate Bridge every day as I drive home. I walk to Crissy Field and watch all the dogs running around, which is joy in its pure form (more on my obsession with dogs later). I found a great apartment, not huge, but just right for me. It had the hardwoods and closet space I wanted, a roof deck and parking, perfect!

However, I did not know the stigma that would be attached to living in the Marina. So many people I meet, co-workers, new friends, even cab drivers, respond with "Oh, you're a Marina girl." What does that mean? The aforementioned cab driver seemed truly surprised that I was able to comment appropriately on the story on NPR as he drove me to my destination. I find it not only bizarre, but simply annoying. Did it ever occur to anyone that I simply liked the neighborhood and didn't know the demographic before moving here. Even with that, I love where I live! I can walk to dinner and meet a friend at a wine bar. My street is quiet and I can hear the fog horns at night. I walk to the beach where I can watch dogs run and play to my hearts content. I think everyone here needs to get over themselves and the stigma they attach to a particular neighborhood!

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