Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Wedding Video

A Cup of Joe is a fabulous blog (that most of you are likely familiar with) that is written by Joanna Goddard. It is a perfect mixture of clothing, food, whimsy and trinkets. She posted this wedding video today and even for a wedding pessimist like me, it was completely touching.

Hair Extenstion...yes Hair Extensions

So....I am not one of those women blessed with fabulous hair...don't get me wrong, it has its moments...mostly when I am right next to water, with just the right level of humidity and a tropical environment where I can get away with a flower off a bush in my hair from the way to dinner.

When I moved to San Francisco I found a fabulous new guy to do my hair. I have a friend here who has extensions. I have never even considered them, but when I got here my friends kept trying to talk me into it. My hair simply does not grow much past my shoulders. Still, with my fine hair there was no way that it would survive the tough process of hair extensions.

Enter the new type of extensions ( I wish I could tell you the name, but I will have to get that at my next appointment). They are placed in your hair with a clear adhesive strip that binds and can be easily removed. THEY ARE FABULOUS. I will admit that it took a week or two to get used to them, but they are so great, and I have hair!

I am not a hair person, I only recently learned to blow dry my hair with a round-brush, and am still not fabulous at it, let alone mastered the use of a flat iron or curling iron. These extensions are not that high maintenance. If I let them air dry- they have a nice natural wave, and then if I sleep with my hair in a braid at night, it has a great wave.

Finally, they can be colored! My guy put them in Friday, and I went back Saturday and had them color matched to my hair....they are also SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than traditional extensions....

They really are great and if you want more information, let me know! If this low maintenance girl can be a convert, you have to try it!


Yes yes yes, I know, it has been almost two month since I was posted...what can I say, I got dumped. I had been dating this guy for was complicated and there was distance don't need all the gory details, but I have been dealing with the slow disintegration of what turned out to be nothing. I am still working on getting this ball going...someone comment please! But I have been keeping up with all of the other blogs I read and will upload some of the wonderful things I have seen in a bit!