Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, it has been forever...months, and I have completely neglected this...I wanted it to be a lighthearted view of dating, being single...but lets be honest....in the midst of it it can be tough to be lighthearted.

So let's see...I date G-man for what I felt like was forever...he moved south and things fell apart. I was flying down there under the guise of seeing my family, while secretly hoping he would want to see me...well shocker- and news flash ladies- they call if they want to see you.

So that took me a stupid long time to get over and here I am...back on eharmony and dating....a couple of things about that
1. I am not a complete troll and every guy that I have sent questions to...has not responded...REALLY, are you serious? Why the fuck are you on there then....and we are not just talking one guy, we are talking like 10....anyways
2. It is just soooo AWKWARD...you hope to hell they look like their photo and no one who walks through the door bears a similar resemblance/you look like your photo-so you surreptitiously glance at every person a second too long who walks in the door.

ugh ugh ugh. I will admit that I am a somewhat complicated woman...big, complex family, very independent and oh side note, I suck at dating...I am awkward and don't make a great first impression. By the time they do get to know by I have been relegated to that horrible "friend"place and we know the short attention span of men, once you make it to friend, it is hard to go back.

So now what...I am rapidly approaching 32 and while that is young, yes yes I know...to be honest, I am just damn sick and tired of doing it alone. I had a horrible day and yet there is no one (within the same time zone) that I can call....ugh ugh guh