Sunday, April 11, 2010


So what do you all think of jeggings? I have resisted the skinny jean craze up till now, I'm no size 2 and the idea of skinny jeans simply seemed like a bad idea. I happily embraced the legging trend, mostly because they are ridiculously comfortable...but then I heard about the jean leggings, aka jeggings. At first, I didn't even consider it, but then a friend who is a personal shopper said I simply had to try the True Religion jeggings. She is no size 2 either, so I figured I had to try them. Let me tell you, they are AMAZING!!! My mom and sister came to visit, and we are all different body types and sizes, and we each bought a pair! I highly highly recommend them!

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  1. After much resisting, I purchased a pair last year and I have to say they are super comfy.