Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hello! Yes, it has been forever, I am sorry, I have been traveling every weekend this month, I am finally home and am spending my weekend catching up on all the things I have missed. So there will likely be several posts this weekend! First though, I want to talk about all of the great websites I receive emails from that have the best shopping. While I can't indulge on a regular basis, I have found some great deals!
3. Swirl by Daily Candy

I have bought things from Gilt and Rue Lala, and they are great, the shipping time tends to be a little longer with Gilt Group, but all three have great sales.

I also love Daily Candy- each day they send a great snippet about a new boutique, restaurant or store opening. They also have a weekly travel edition and "what to do this weekend." They have different editions for different cities, when I found it when I was living in Boston and switched my edition to San Francisco when I moved here.

I am sure these sites are familiar to most of you, but just in case someone missed one, I had to share!

I have several more post ideas so I will be returning soon....happy weekend!

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